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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

Oct 10, 2018

Today, we have an incredible guest and a multipotentialite in every sense with Shomo Shotime Das. We explore topics including real estate, bodybuilding, and how technology is evolving rapidly in our culture.


Time Stamps:

(0:45) Shomo Intro

(3:48) Where Shomo Started

(5:58) Shomo’s Sister

(10:17) Chip on the Shoulder and Gratitude

(18:25) Duke and Finding Purpose

(28:50) Shomo’s Bodybuilding Journey

(39:30) Competing

(53:00) Technology

(54:28) Singularity Theory in Technology

(1:09:00) Philosophy of Promising and Delivering

(1:14:31) Real Estate 

(1:28:50) What Shomo is up to Now

(1:30:35) Books to Pick up Right Now

(1:32:45) The Value in Fiction Reading

(1:38:45) Where to Find Shomo



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