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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

Jan 23, 2019

ATTENTION ONLINE FITNESS COACHES! This one you won't want to miss. Erin and Jordan team up with Justin, Dylan, and Will to bring you examples of poor programming they have seen in their years of coaching, explain why, and give better alternatives. Again, you won't want to miss this!


Time Stamps:

(0:45) Welcome back and Get Ready!

(3:10) Example 1: Meal Planning for Clients

(11:18) Will on Scarcity Mindset

(13:23) Example 2: Morning Plan

(16:50) Fasted Training

(20:55) Shoutout to Eric Helms and Layne Norton!

(21:15) Cardio

(29:42) Will's Example

(30:40) Dylan's Example

(32:02) Why Fat is so Important

(38:04) What to look for in a Good Plan

(42:38) Prep Advice

(44:10) Refeeds

(45:00) Low-Calorie Diets

(51:20) Judging Coaching and Educating Consumers

(55:10) Will's Example from Client Work

(57:01) Advice to Beginner Coaches

(1:04:18) Reach out to Us!

(1:04:30) Will's Gift to our Listeners!


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