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Aug 27, 2018

On today's episode, we are joined by the CEO of Morphogen Nutrition Ben Hartman. Ben's journey starting Morphogen is a story you won't want to miss and what he's learned over the course of its 7 year growth. We also talk about the supplement industry, where it's at today, and how to distinguish quality from fraud.


Time Stamps:


(0:45) Ben Hartman Intro

(2:31) How Erin and Jordan know Ben

(4:52) Ben’s Start

(10:00) Ben’s Early Struggles

(12:15) Tension and Motion

(19:00) Ben before Morphen Nutrition

(21:41) Nutrition and Dietetics Field

(29:31) The Start of Morphogen Nutrition

(34:01) Alphagen and the Supplement Field

(46:46) Supplement Talk

(1:03:16) Current Supplement Industry

(1:09:30) Future Morphogen Products

(1:22:52) How Ben finds his Flow



Follow Ben on Instagram @morphogenben and check out Morphogen's Website

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