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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

Mar 6, 2019

Dylan and Lauren are in the studio for this episode. We don't want to give too much away in the preview but Dylan has a story you will want to listen to about a past money making "opportunity" he decided to go for. Along with this story, we discuss Lauren and her competing, their working relationship, and the long term vision for BairAesthetics in this casual conversation.


Time Stamps:


(0:45) Dylan and Lauren Intro

(5:00) Nerd Article Alert 

(8:35) Dylan’s Start

(16:30) Stripping

(26:57) Lauren and Competing

(36:00) Example of… Non-Evidence Based Post

(54:00) Dylan and Lauren Working Together

(1:02:00) Relationships 

(1:06:26) Long Term Vision for BA

(1:17:02) Dylan and Lauren’s Flow State


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