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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

Sep 5, 2018

Today on the Flow State of Mind podcast, we are joined by William Grazione! William is a physique coach, IFPA & NGA Pro natural bodybuilder, and powerlifter out of Saint Petersburg, Florida. We dive into topics covering hypertrophy and periodization, insulin sensitivity, and the truth about how alcohol physiologically affects your body and the way you recover.


Time Stamps:


(0:45) Will Intro

(3:41) Will’s Start

(11:00) Layne Norton 

(13:10) Story Time

(18:01) Reverse Dieting

(18:45) Recovery Dieting 

(27:47) Fitness Marketing 

(38:52) Hypertrophy and Periodization

(46:10) West Side Barbell

(51:47) Muscle Mass and Fat Loss

(58:00) Insulin Sensitivity

(59:41) Diabetes 

(1:02:02) @morphogenben 

(1:03:28) Alcohol and Training 

(1:10:20) Post Competition Plan



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