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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

Feb 6, 2020

Contest prep is an extremely popular topic to discuss but we are here to tell you... it's not for everyone and it may not be for you. This isn't to put you down or to say you can't do it. The reality is there are some physiological factors, especially within the female physiology, involved that are just that... reality.

Will Grazione is back for a 4th time to dive into this topic along with some very important other topics including insulin resistance and sensitivity, the relationship between insulin and glucose, and gut distention in relation to insulin sensitivity (a lot of important insulin talk, to say the least). 


Time Stamps:


(0:00) Will Intro

(2:04) Content Calendar

(5:18) Will’s Family History and Past

(10:55) Insulin and Glucose

(15:53) Stress

(18:50) Importance of Sleep

(22:07) Surplus to Deficit Transition

(27:00) Fatigue

(30:05) Gut Distention and Insulin Sensitivity

(44:00) Glucose Testing

(51:53) Where to Find Will


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