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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

Feb 24, 2020

Whether you are an online coach, social media influencer, or just wanting to make more money, there are 3 specific skills that stand out among the rest. Copywriting and storytelling, closing and sales, and speaking (plus a bonus one for you guys) are all skills that if you continuously improve them, you will stand out among the rest. In the ever-evolving technological age we live in, these will be your most important skills to make more money.


Time Stamps:


(1:34) Copywriting and Storytelling

(3:48) Copywriting Process

(7:00) Keep it Simple

(9:58) Selling

(13:18) Erin’s Example

(14:26) Speaking and Interpersonal Communication

(17:48) Our First MDMA Experience

(18:38) Resiliency

(22:45) Performance Feedback

(23:25) Quick Example

(25:21) We’re Hiring!


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