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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

Apr 29, 2020

You might have asked yourself today, "Am I really qualified to be coaching other people? Do I have what it takes?"

If not today, we are sure you've had this thought in the past and it creeps up on you every once in a while even if you've been coaching for a while. We want to remind you just what "being qualified" truly means so you can move forward and crush it with your coaching business.


(0:20) How Do You Know If You’re “Qualified?”

(1:20) Angie Lee Quote

(1:44) Expert Secrets Example

(3:30) Certifications

(9:13) The Bill of Rights

(11:30) Registered Dietitian

(13:50) Trustworthiness

(16:00) People Buy You

(19:10) Linear vs Nonlinear Path

(22:50) IFCA Course

(25:03) Overcoming Imposter Syndrome


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