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The Fitness Business Podcast with Erin Dimond and Jordan Dugger

Oct 3, 2022

Part 2 of our conversation with Cole Gordon! Cole answers a few questions from our IFCA students we hope you find valuable as well! Topics include:


- 0-1 Million and Phases of Ascension

- For the Love of the Game or Fear of Losing it All?

- Fitness Offer to Phase 2 and 3?

- Getting Employees Bought Into the Mission


Sep 29, 2022

Want free sales training from an 8 figure sales trainer? We thought so! Cole Gordon is the CEO of Remote Closers Academy that helps coaches and other make 20k/month and beyond and which teaches people how to be in the 1% of closers while hiring and scaling sales teams. This is a two part episode and...

Sep 26, 2022

Are you wanting to make the jump from in-person training to the online world but not sure if you can or where to start? Meet Tyler! Tyler was in the exact same position as you and whether you're an in-person trainer or someone who wants to take their business to the next level, this is a great episode and testament to...

Sep 22, 2022

Be forewarned: I have sales top of mind recently as we at IFCA have been updating our internal sales processes so expect some extreme numbers and percentages in today's episode but for a good reason. This is by far my favorite sales framework and has helped me along with our IFCA students 2-3x their close rate.



Sep 19, 2022

We know you're not supposed to have favorite clients (or children) but hopefully you'll understand why Kim is an exception during this interview. Kim is an absolute authentic boss and she was stuck at around 20-25k months spending 36 hours a week (time study verified) on the phone with her clients. She had enough...