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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

Mar 18, 2019

This episode is a two-parter and today's guest is Paige Filliater. Through the laughing, Jordan, Erin, and Paige reminisce about growing up together and Paige's brutally honest childhood and adolescence. We also discuss the world of metaphysics and singularity. If these concepts are foreign to you or you enjoy hearing about different philosophies around human performance, you'll definitely want to check this episode out. Wednesday (3/20) will be Erin and Jordan's test results and you will also not want to miss what they reveal!


Time Stamps:


(0:45) Paige Intro

(2:47) IFCA!

(2:58) Paige’s Story

(8:30) Paige’s Childhood 

(24:25) Ryan Niddel and The Life Optimization Test

(24:33) Human Design

(31:10) What is Meta Physics?

(39:40) Singularity

(46:30) Energy Management -

(49:17) Where Paige First Learned Human Design


To apply for IFCA, Click Here!


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