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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

May 3, 2019

Our second two part interview is with Jorge Rosado who you may know as Fitness IQ. The second part of this interview covers more abstract and philosophical components but one you won't want to miss. 


What you will learn in this episode:


What The Big Leap Taught Jordan How to Push Past Barriers

How Jorge Designed Will Into His Life

How Jorge Consistently Challenges and Pushes Himself 

Jorge’s Picnic Analogy

Jorge’s Answers to our Rapid Fire Questions


Transform 2gether is preparing to launch May 6th! Stay tuned for more information!


Where to find Jorge:


Follow Jorge on Instagram!

Jorge's Apparel Site!


And as always...

Please make sure to follow Erin at @erindimondfitness, Jordan at @duggaestetics, and the official Flow State of Mind Podcast page @flowstateofmindpodcast.