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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

May 15, 2019

We had such a positive response from our first round of Transform 2gether that we wanted to bring on one of our awesome assistant coaches, Lauren Hess (@laurenhessfitness) to discuss a few topics we found relevant that the group really benefited from.


You've probably (definitely) heard about our Transform 2gehter program but if you have been on the fence or wanted more information about it, this is a great episode to tune into.


For fitness coaches, we dive into some valuable topics you will want to be mindful of in your own business such as emotional hunger, what to do when clients fall off track, and two key components to consistent compliance. 


Time Stamps:


(0:00) Welcome Back!

(2:13) Transform 2gether

(7:20) Client Interaction Example

(8:52) How to Know What a Client Needs

(10:44) Enjoying the Process

(14:40) Why 90% of Diets Fail

(18:56) Full Immersion

(23:30) Calorie Tracking

(30:16) Emotional Hunger

(33:39) Momentum and Investment

(34:24) Clients Falling Off Track

(38:11) Gaining Weight After a Re-Feed


To find out more about Transform 2gether, click here!


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