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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

May 31, 2019

Just Lauren and Erin in the studio today discussing topics all about dieting and reverse dieting. Jordan (who crushed his competition prep) couldn't join us because he had to fit in 900 grams of carbs in preparation.


We also discuss common excuses heard from clients and potential clients, what crash dieting does to your system (check out our Youtube video for more), and helpful tips on reducing hunger.


Topics Discussed:


Common Excuses


Is Transform 2gether a Glorified Online Training Program?


Price Vs. Worth


Crash Dieting 


Reverse Dieting 


Reducing Hunger


To find out more about Transform 2gether, click here!


Please make sure to follow Erin at @erindimondfitness, Jordan at @duggaestetics, and the official Flow State of Mind Podcast page @flowstateofmindpodcast.