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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

Jul 17, 2019

Are you holding yourself back or sabotaging yourself from the life you truly want unconsciously? Do you do certain actions when things are going well to get back to equilibrium? Really think about this for a moment. Then press play. We want to address a concept and a book we have found incredibly powerful in our lives and want to share the concept of the upper limit theory with you and a specific example from our relationship.


Time Stamps:

(0:00) Welcome Back!

(0:30) Self Sabotage

(0:38) IFCA

(2:30) Erin and Jordan’s Relationship

(5:52) Upper Limit Theory

(8:30) The Big Leap

(24:25) What IFCA Does

(28:00) Two Things to Ask Yourself


For more info on The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks


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