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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

Jul 26, 2019

A different type of episode today but if you are an in-person trainer or an online coach looking to take their business to the next level, this is an episode you can't miss. Our latest round of IFCA had some phenomenal students and one of these students we wanted to share with you. Jessica was able to quit her job in 2 months after gaining 20 clients in that time span and we want to show you how through this episode. If you are interested in more information, click here to see the client engine that helped her achieve these amazing results. 


Time Stamps:


(0:00) Jessica Intro

(2:15) Jessica’s Story

(5:28) Where Jessica is Now

(9:03) The Switch

(11:09) Walkthrough 

(15:00) IFCA Announcement

(24:00) Passion


Again, for that client engine that allowed Jessica to quit her job, click here.


For more information on Impact Fitness Coaching Academy, click here!


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