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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

Oct 3, 2019

Some of the questions we receive regularly: "I want to shrink my waist and grow my glutes. I want to get bigger and more ripped. I want to lose fat around my waist and grow my shoulders." All desirable outcomes with different strategies involved based on the individual. Today's episode is a deep dive into when to go into a bulk, maintenance, or gain-tain phase and how we would coach clients through the process both practically and with their mindset and wellbeing involved. 

Topics Covered:


Top 10 Supplements Free Guide 


What a Meso, Macro, and Microcycles are


Gaintaining Principles


What To Do When the Scale Isn’t Moving


The Psychology of Self Image and Building Muscle


Minimizing Fat Gain


Why Eating At Maintenance If You Are “Skinny Fat” is Necessary


Stay Tuned for Mini-Cuts


Jordan's 5 Part Series on Cutting


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