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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

Dec 12, 2019

Jordan is interviewed on the Boom Boom Performance podcast, hosted by our very good friend Cody Boom Boom. If you've been following us for some time, you'll definitely enjoy this episode because while some of the stories Jordan tells will be familiar, a lot of the stories he hasn't told on this platform. Make sure you go share some love on Cody's podcast and subscribe to his show as well. He puts out 3 episodes a week and they are all fire. Topics and questions include:

- Jordan's story before fitness and how it led him into coaching

- “Troubled into success”

 - Jordan's advice to people to

 - When Jordan had to Audit his surroundings and life to figure things out

- Lessons Jordan has learned from working with wife

- Jordan’s struggles with being able to be coached and being open-minded

- Tips, advice, and insights you’ve taken from mentors or learned along the way, to stay successful in all areas of life?

- Rundown of Jordans latest prep

- How being on a higher carb approach while in a deficit, allowed Jordan to stay more full and keep training harder.

- What training looked like throughout the prep.

- Jordan's reason for not going the route of not keeping volume high during prep.

- How much flexibility did you allow yourself with the diet inside the prep?

- What are the main differences you see here when it comes to training?

- The importance of clients having fun while working out

- What are the main differences you see with nutrition with beginner and advanced lifters?

- When do things become more “advanced” for beginners? What gives you the green light to take clients through advanced strategies that go beyond just calories, and what are those?

- Did you see differences in your others or your prep in fasting glucose in the morning just based on stress at all or just purely with food?

- What has helped Jordan gain so much awareness

- Favorite training split

- Favorite Music to listen to while lifting

- Favorite podcast

- Favorite Joe Rogan podcast episode

- Current book reading and favorite book ever

- Favorite place want to travel to and Favorite place traveled to

- Any person dead or alive to sit down and have a conversation with

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