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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

Dec 19, 2019

We have back in the studio Alex Bush and his amazing wife Sue to discuss many different topics today. If you are currently in the grind mode of your life, staying up until 1 or 2 am working on programs, you'll want to listen to this one. Alex was that grinder and Alex and Sue have learned a lot about working together as a couple and not making everything a competition (we've been there too). We also talk about going through a prep while being in a relationship, working with clients, and our collective thoughts on this ever-evolving industry.


Time Stamps:


(0:00) Intro

(1:21) Alex’s Start to His Career

(2:35) Face Palm Moments and Struggles

(7:35) Sunk Cost Fallacy

(11:00) Working Together as a Couple

(15:23) When Alex and Sue First Met

(16:49) Prep and a Relationship

(20:35) Working with Clients and Metabolic Adaptation

(25:38) Biofeedback and Dieting

(30:47) Surplus vs Deficit

(37:57) Keeping an Open Mind

(41:36) Ever Evolving Industry

(44:54) Being Intentional

(51:01) Rapid Fire Questions!

(57:30) Where to Find Alex and Sue


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