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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

Dec 23, 2019

Megan is spending the holidays with us in Columbus and we wanted to have an open conversation about a few different topics today (and Jordan did not run off crying at any point in this recording). A lot of mindset related topics we've talked about before but if we are constantly talking about them, they are that important. Enjoy and Happy Holidays! 


Time Stamps:


(1:30) Why Your Progress Sucks

(2:40) Megan’s Coaching Experience 

(3:40) Attaching Negativity or Pain to Dieting

(4:40) Episode 84 - The 3 SIMPLE Steps for Achievement

(8:40) Analysis Paralysis 

(12:40) Miracles

(14:20) Atomic Habits by James Clear

(18:52) Accountability

(21:41) Hanging Out with the Wrong Crowd

(34:58) Defining Moments of Abundance

(37:47) Husband-Wife Objections

(41:26) Where to Find Megan


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