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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

Jan 6, 2020

Females, this episode is for you! Bryce and Jordan sit down in the studio and talk about all things female physique and muscle development. Body fat, rest, rep ranges, and great examples of Bryce's clients will give you exactly the advice and guidance you'll want to listen to and implement.


Time Stamps:

(0:23) Muscle Gain in Women

(2:27) Female Training

(4:42) Bulky/Lean Muscle

(14:00) Females and Body Fat

(22:08) Exhaustion vs Performance

(28:00) Rest in Between Sets

(32:00) Rep Ranges

(37:50) Back Squat Example

(40:18) Optimal Exercises for Females and Variability

(53:36) Glute Example

(1:00:13) Where to Find Bryce


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