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The Fitness Business Podcast with Erin Dimond and Jordan Dugger

Dec 19, 2018

We are back with another Q&A style episode, mostly centered around dieting and more specifically reverse dieting. We hope you enjoy this in-depth conversation and please let us know at if there are any topics you'd like us to cover!


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(0:45) Q&A Style Today

(1:20) Reverse...

Dec 10, 2018

This was one of our most honest and real episodes to date. Today, we chat with Jon Boles, founder of Avintiv Media. Before Avintiv, his origin story is one to take notes on. This episode will make you think and reevaluate the way you speak on social media and the way you approach your work.


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(0:45) Jon...

Dec 5, 2018

Have you plateaued with your training? Not sure what to do? This episode is for you. Today's episode is with Erin, Jordan, and Lauren, one of Erin's assistant coaches and we had a roundtable discussion all around plateauing and reasons behind them. We also discuss how alcohol affects your ability to improve along with...

Dec 3, 2018

Have you seen those detailed infographics on Instagram? Pretty cool and effective right? Meet one of the trailblazers of the infographic, Carter Good and his girlfriend Kaylin Pyles (Erin found out she and Kaylin are basically the same person). Both have tremendous stories behind why they do what they do and we cover...

Nov 26, 2018

Marketing is not a one size fits all across the business landscape. However, there are a few tried and true areas where most either aren't taking advantage of or don't know exist. Listen in today with Jason of Intentionally Inspirational as he discusses in depth what a sales funnel consists of, what most startups...