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The Fitness Business Podcast with Erin Dimond and Jordan Dugger

Dec 22, 2022

Beliefs are a powerful thing and if you're not creating content around breaking your ideal client's false beliefs, you're leaving a lot on the table as far as attracting clients to your coaching business. I want to share with you our belief breaking content matrix, why you need to constantly talk about the same concepts to break beliefs, why college is THE SCAM, and more.


Time Stamps:


(3:00) Caveat About Sales Team 

(5:56) The Belief Breaking Content Matrix

(8:06) Think Back About a Past Belief

(15:30) Consistent Repetition

(18:18) Write Down 4 Beliefs Your Ideal Client Has That Need Broken

(25:10) College is THE Scam

(34:28) Quick Framework for Breaking Beliefs


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