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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

Apr 3, 2019

Today, we have our good friend Cody Boom Boom on the podcast! Cody is a strength training and nutrition coach and owner of Boom Boom Performance, a Lifestyle Training and Nutrition Company. From growing up as a self-described fat kid, Cody had enough one day and decided it was his time to live with a higher standard for his fitness and his life. He's now trained hundreds of clients and is dedicated to individualized coaching and meeting the client where they are, creating a program and system that meets their lifestyle. We discuss fat loss, nutrition periodization, blogging, and some rapid-fire questions we know you will enjoy. 


Time Stamps


(0:45) Cody Intro

(2:17) IFCA

(4:58) Cody’s Story

(12:54) Fat Loss

(21:28) Masterminding and Mental Shift

(25:30) Stories about Just Doing It

(28:28) Blogging

(28:56) Nutrition Periodization

(44:50) Eric Helms Books

(52:07) Cody’s Experimentation with Different Diets

(55:23) Rapid Fire Questions!

(1:03:51) Cody’s Flow State

(1:07:59) Where to Find Cody


Where you can find Cody:


Visit Cody's Website!

Check out Cody's Podcast!

Follow Cody on Instagram!

Check out Cody's Newly Released Book, "F.I.T" Functional Intensity Training



To apply for IFCA, Click Here!


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