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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

Apr 10, 2019

We've all done some dumb shit in our lives. Here is what we've done! Nothing too bad but you definitely don't want to miss this. Our hope is that you avoid the mistakes that we have had or if you are in a current situation of doing some dumb shit to progress out of it. The last part of this episode, we leave you with some tangible advice to apply to your life so stay until the end and enjoy!


Time Stamps:


(1:30) Inspiration for this Episode

(3:00) Free IFCA Community

(3:36) Please Rate and Review!

(4:02) Tag us on Instagram!

(7:00) Jordan’s College Football Experience

(8:33) Erin’s Hustling and Craigslist

(12:21) Episode 1 and 2!

(12:40) Jordan and the Car Lot

(22:00) Transform 2gether Process

(28:20) Shoutout to Preston!

(30:40) Shoutout to Lady Boss

(34:28) Write out Your Vision!


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