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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

Jul 29, 2019

Today's talk is all around Physique Development, both in the gym and the company co-owned by today's guest Alex Bush. Alex is best described as an exercise scientist, blending evidence-based knowledge and his own expertise to allow clients to see amazing results. His story with Physique Development with his co-owner and past guest Austin Current is something you won't want to miss either.


Time Stamps:


(1:12) Quick Ask

(2:40) Episode Overview

(4:30) IFCA

(5:58) Alex’s Story

(12:21) Evidence vs Experience

(15:30) Prep Clients

(17:50) Honesty in Coaching

(20:00) Sleep

(23:39) Progression and Balance

(34:20) Glute Building Exercises

(37:05) Ab Workouts

(46:00) Tips to New Coaches

(48:55) Educating Clients

(51:50) Rapid Fire Questions

(57:40) Where to find Alex  


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