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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

Oct 7, 2019

Having a middle-class mindset doesn't mean your income level. It's allowing comfort to be the primary driving force in your life. It means letting your friends and family dictate your happiness. It means not investing in yourself and having a scarcity mentality around everything in your life. Today, we want to bring you an actionable episode to kick you out of the middle-class mindset thought processes and understand what it will take to think like the rich. 


Topics Covered:


Ray Dalio Quote


Happiness, Certainty, and Growth


Becoming Comfortable Being Uncomfortable


How to Detect a Fraud Friend


Scarcity Mindset


Investing in Yourself


Middle-Class Works to Earn, Rich Work to Learn


Learn to Write


Episodes 1 and 2


Dollars for Hours


Dollar Per Hour Activity




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