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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

Oct 17, 2019

50% of marriages fail but why? We have our thoughts and it may not be what you expect. Yes, communication and sharing responsibility are both important. But what about values? Deep-rooted core values that set your actions and principles. Ask yourself: if I were to die tomorrow, what piece of advice would you give your kid/someone you cared about?


In today's episode, we share our core values and why our strong connection has grown and evolved over time. We hope after this episode, you reflect on what your core values are and either discuss these openly with your partner or start to look for these in your next relationship (or keep swiping and hooking up on tinder).  


Time Stamps:


(0:30) 4 Core Values

(2:30) Announcement!

(4:50) Why Having Core Values Are Important

(8:12) Growth and Self-Actualization

(12:07) Impact

(20:03) Adventure/Fun

(28:18) Family

(35:10) Next Episode - Sunk Costs

(36:10) 3 Day Challenge


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