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The Fitness Business Podcast with Erin Dimond and Jordan Dugger

Dec 11, 2023

Even the darkest of times can lead to superpowers later in life and our guest today is a living example of that. Returning for his 4th time, Brad Jensen, Owner of Key Nutrition and The Next Level Experience, joined our IFCA community as a guest speaker and we wanted to include the interview portion on the podcast today. If you haven't heard Brad's full story, definitely check out Episode 40 below in the show notes.

Expect to learn what optimism really is, what Brad would do differently if he started over again (hint it has to do with mentorship and hiring help earlier), how to throw shade in an intelligent way, and more!


Time Stamps:


(1:35) What To Expect on Today’s Episode

(4:05) When Jordan and Brad Met

(4:22) Brad’s Story and The Depths of Addiction

(9:05) The Truth of “Glass Half Full” Mentality

(10:16) Addict to Entrepreneur

(15:20) Starting Over and Scaling Again

(19:40) Brad’s Personal Development Routines

(23:20) Keys to Social Media and Throwing Shade

(30:35) What Drives Brad Crazy


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