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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

Nov 14, 2018

You are in for a treat today, loyal listeners. Today, we have the privilege of Miguel Aguilar joining us today. In our expansive conversation, we cover his rough upbringing, lessons he learned with his first hustle and experience in entrepreneurship, and how he started Self Made Training Facilities.


Time Stamps:


(5:00) Miguel’s Upbringing

(13:01) Miguel’s Experience with Drugs

(14:42) Wrestling

(16:30) First Side Hustle

(19:23) Miguel’s Relationship with his Dad

(29:15) After High School

(36:50) Scarcity to Abundance

(46:45) Real Estate

(1:14:30) Miguel’s Kids

(1:18:10) Miguel and his Wife

(1:27:58) Self-Made Facility Beginning

(1:48:55) Selfmade Facility in Hilliard

(1:54:20) Where Miguel Finds his Flow



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