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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

Aug 22, 2018

Our second episode dives into our co-host Jordan Dugger's story. Everything he has gone through in his life contributed to his advancement and you'll love the stories he has to share along with upcoming projects you will want to stay tuned for.


Time Stamps:

(0:45) Introduction

(2:16) Welcome to the Flow State of Mind Podcast!

(2:45) Jordan’s Early Days

(4:58) Jordan’s Entrepreneurship Influences

(7:45) The Car Lot, Business Deals, and College

(15:00) Repo Story!

(18:05) The Gym as a Release

(19:12) A Special Visitor

(24:31) Next Stage of Life and Traveling 

(26:12) Learning from Leadership

(28:12) Moving to Chicago and Milwaukee 

(32:16) Erin’s Take on Jordan’s Job

(36:06) Jordan Finding his Purpose

(39:15) Passion

(42:15) Focus Right Now

(43:18) Project with @jmihalyfit        

(43:50) Level Up Program and Projects Coming Up



Please make sure to follow Erin at @erindimondfitness, Jordan at @duggaestetics, and the official Flow State of Mind Podcast page @flowstateofmindpodcast.