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The Flow State of Mind Podcast

Sep 26, 2018

Entrepreneurship is growing rapidly and while the idea of your business partner and your romantic partner being the same person sounds like a perfect combination, there are a few things to keep in mind. Today, Erin and Jordan take you into their relationship both romantically and professionally and discuss how they met, what being business partners and being a couple entails, and stories of good times and bad. We also have an announcement for coaches looking to take their business and lives to the next level so listen all the way through for information on Impact Fitness Coaching Academy.


Time Stamps:


(0:45) Welcome back to the Flow State of Mind Podcast

(0:55) How to be a Fitness Couple

(3:08) When We Met

(10:05) An Example of Working Through Conflict

(15:00) Erin’s Examples

(21:40) Things to Consider

(24:33) Struggles in Communication Style

(27:47) Keeping Each other Accountable

(29:41) Current Projects

(30:36) How the Podcast Came to Be

(32:30) Consume More Positive Thoughts 

(34:40) Impact Fitness Coaching Academy 

(47:30) Where to Find More Info on IFCA 


For More Information on Impact Fitness Coaching Academy and how you can sign up, visit our Website!


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